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Empower Your Electrical Contracting Business with Precision and Speed


Achieving Growth

At ESP Estimating, we know that every second counts in the competitive world of electrical contracting. Our 100% secure, state of the art cloud-based platform has been designed to help you win more bids, in less time, with greater accuracy to drive your business growth.


Boost Efficiency

Win More Bids and Reduce Risk with Faster, More Accurate Estimates

ESP's clients have said goodbye to costly errors and hello to increased project wins. They complete accurate estimates with greater confidence, faster than imagined. Using a database with over 1.6 million well organized assemblies built to CEC makes selection quick and clear. Bring even greater accuracy and efficiency to your bids with integrated price updates that reflect your own supplier discounts.

Maximize Profitability

Transform Time Savings into Business Growth

ESP’s estimating platform saves you precious time while simultaneously improving the accuracy of every bid. Time and money translate to profitability. Profitability translates to business growth.


Comprehensive Support and Training

Expert Training and Support to Keep You Ahead

Alongside ESP's cutting-edge estimating platform, we offer estimating best practices and strategic project delivery training services, enhancing your in-house skills. Our expert team is here to ensure you and your team get the most out of your Accubid tools.


Real Success Stories

Join the Ranks of our Satisfied, Successful Owner / Estimators

A chief estimator and 25-year user of Accubid Pro/LiveCount Pro estimated a commercial project in 30 hours.  The identical project estimated using the ESP platform took 15 hours and identified multiple errors made in the previously estimated project. 

"Since joining ESP, we've doubled our estimating speed and have greater confidence in every bid, and we've increased our win rate by 20%."

- Thomas, Owner Estimator

"I wish I had this database years ago"

- John, Chief Estimator

Discover how other contractors have transformed their businesses in three months or less using their Accubid Classic licenses with ESP's estimating platform. The more you use it, the faster you'll see the results.


Ready to Elevate Your Business?

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