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Connecting the field to the project estimate

Successful delivery comes from people & systems

The right combination of people and systems is crucial for a company.  ESP brought on a ‘Field Production Consultant’ to help work with the project delivery from the field side.  The objective was to design reports that will bring value from the perspective of a superintendent.

ESP's talent profile to connect people in the field

ESP’s “Field Production Consultant” (FPC) believes that for each company a series of site preplans should be setup to include specific reports dependent on type of installation, for example: condo, commercial retail, industrial etc.  The design of the reports would be driven by what is required on site to streamline the process.  

Our FPC - Glen McBride has 35 years’ experience running large projects for a large company.  Before retiring, Glen managed all the superintendents across multiple projects for a regional area for the company he spent his career with.  Senior field production and estimating consultants work together to link the client project information from the estimate to the field.

Glen McBride Field Production Consultant - Gold Seal Certified (GSC)

ESP's approach for connecting systems in the field

Using a series of Excel reports exported from Accubid and pre-configured, we assist the field level of activity (managing man-power/materials work flow).  We believe this is the best option for the site personal that currently may not have the developed skill set, or time, to manage new software functionality. The options to oversee the progress and manage risk need to be flexible, simple, usable Excel reports to create time savings.  Using Excel in the field reduces the requirement for additional Accubid licensing & training.

Leveraging external talent 

Investment - It is a big commitment to hire a 100k plus/per year person to grow your company.  Imagine having senior experience (estimating/project management/senior management) at your disposal. ESP can make our senior talent available to meet your specific schedule and needs.  ESP’s flexible value option supports our client’s growth strategy. 

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