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Double your Bid Output & Improve Accuracy

How you can estimate faster using ESP's 1.5 million assemblies:   

This increase is possible by having all the Best Practice Workflows (Hotlists) built out in Accubid's 10 Specialty Libraries.  You are faster because you are only choosing from assemblies that are relevant to the electrical components being built, for example a generator or transformer, rather than adjusting previous assemblies or building them from scratch.  This, and our 1.5 million assemblies, is where doubling the estimating speed comes from.  A Junior Estimator uses the same best practice workflows as a Senior or Chief Estimator.  That reduces the risk to your company while ensuring Accuracy, Consistency, and Speed.

2021-02-21 Chief Estimator.PNG

25-year user of Accubid Pro/LiveCount Pro estimated a commercial project in 30 hours.  The identical project estimated using the ESP Cloud Platform took 15 hours. 

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