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Double your Bid Output & Improve Accuracy

How you can estimate faster using ESP's 1.7 plus million assemblies:   

What our clients notice is that by having the Best Practice Workflows (Hotlists) built out in Accubid's 10 Specialty Libraries, choosing from assemblies that are relevant to the electrical component being built is much faster than than trying to find something in the database used in a previous assembly to create an object or item that closely resembles the required application. This is one step that identifies how ESP's 1.7 million assemblies can double the estimating speed.  The best practice workflow built into the database was designed to assist an experienced or junior estimator without experience. The corrections to an estimate or changes by addenda are easily and quickly modified. The design reduces the risk to your company while ensuring Accuracy, Consistency, and Speed.

2021-02-21 Chief Estimator.PNG

25-year user of Accubid Pro/LiveCount Pro estimated a commercial project in 30 hours.  The identical project estimated using the ESP Cloud Platform took 15 hours. 

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