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How we deliver

ESP Estimating Efficiency… How do we deliver?  By providing:

  • Over 1.7 million Assemblies built to CEC reducing Workflow interruptions

  • Best Practice Workflows (HOT LISTS) integrated to Accubid’s Drop Down Menus, Items and Assemblies

  • A Purpose-Built Managed Database assisting estimators, project managers and owners on multiple levels​

  • Gold Seal Certified (GSC) Contract Estimating helping clients with excess workloads or staff absences

ESP Estimating Improvement… How do we deliver?  By providing:

  • Free Public Video Library with Accubid Classic Products on the ESP Cloud Estimating Platform

  • Private Client Video Library specific to client capturing knowledge transfer for absent or future employees

  • Private Client Training relevant to client’s project types & market

  • The Time, Focus & Experience dedicated to a database built to code

  • Reduced workflow interruptions

ESP Estimating Risk Reduction… We deliver by providing:

  • Database Items, Assemblies and Categories identified using best of practice trade names

  • UPC Codes and Part numbers providing Automated Pricing ensuring clients receive their supplier discount pricing for better accuracy

  • Temporary Items are rarely built, and if required can function with the database, project management and financials

  • With over one billion dollars estimated annually, ESP’s Database is tested daily across Canada

  • Available Gold Seal Certified Estimator experience

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