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What does ESP provide when we do a takeoff? 

Individual bid material pricing

Automated Material Pricing

For the individual project bid pricing, the client has a TRA-SER/Supplier Xchange monthly subscription that prices the “B” materials at the discount rate specific to each client. 

TRA-SER links automatically to the project being estimated and applies the client’s electrical distributor discounts.  The client approves the material list which is then sent to the project bid.

Client Privacy

TRA-SER discount pricing can only be displayed through the client’s virtual machine.  TRA-SER clients receive a password from TRA-SER.  This protects the client's pricing privacy. 

ESP is not a reseller of TRA-SER.

Alarms & Material Markups

Quoted materials remain Alarmed until manually input.

Material markups are derived from the client’s default setup.

Individual bid labour values 

Values - Labour Factor

Labour Factors are modified, set and privately owned by the contractor through the modification of the client’s default job.  ESP does not use labor factors owned by the client.  ESP uses the default labor factors identified by Accubid before client modifications are made.  This protects the client's labor factoring privacy. 

Values - Hours (Actual versus Estimated)

Comparisons can be made between actual hours on completed project, and hours estimated in the bid.  This comparison defines the accuracy of the client's modified labour factors and identifies the risk or labour markups in a separate area of the client’s default.  The key value of this review process is, it sharpens the estimate, matching client delivered projects with an identified profit acceptable to the client’s level of risk.

Alarms & Material Markups

Labour markups are derived from the client’s default setup.

Seamless integration across Trimble’s products, database integrity, and automated work flow processes, are key benefits ESP provides for our clients.

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