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Part 1


Part 2


Training required for an Accubid student

A good way to understand the approach for learning Accubid is using a flying analogy

Part 1 - Student is becoming a competent pilot

Accubid software/training  - Training is required to understand the functionality and operations of an aircraft - taking off, landing, aerial functionality and dashboard operations 

Part 2 - Student who is a competent pilot

ESP provides battlefield experience/training - Becoming a fighter pilot (combat methods/strategy) requires advanced field instruction – ESP has completed over a billion dollars of estimates.



ESP offers client training on strategies, tactical maneuvers, and methods for the estimating organizational structure.  We identify risk areas, time reduce the estimating process and shorten the number of key strokes to get the data into Accubid.  Based on the client’s profile and project scope we help produce custom reports and build processes for client specific scenarios.


The winning strategy in combat

A factor to win battles is the design of the fighter jet.  90% of the Canadian market place has chosen Accubid as their fighter jet.  This is because Accubid’s “best of class design” meets and exceeds the needs of most electrical contractors.

  • The jet engine is the power of the aircraft, the larger the engine the faster the aircraft can go.

  • The dashboard is the communications medium between the pilot and the machine.  The better the dashboard, the more responsive the pilot can be creating accurate outcomes.

ESP’s estimating cloud platform & database 

The ESP database is the jet’s engine.  Accubid comes with 10,000 assemblies.  The largest known Accubid database is 50,000 assemblies.  ESP’s platform comes with over 1.5 million assemblies.  This creates the advantage of increased power and speed because you are simply picking from a list.

The ESP database provides dashboard approaches that are easy to navigate, with pre-designed extensions and workflows.  This results in better accuracy, reduced risk and minimizes human error through the estimating processes.

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