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Part 1


Part 2


Training required for an Accubid student

Our understanding and approach to learning Accubid 

Part 1 - becoming competent 

Accubid software/training  - Training is required to understand the functionality and operations. What does this button do before I use it 

Part 2 -  competent

Accubid experience/training - Training is offered to identify which buttons serves the desired result and the understanding being the desired result means its clearly communicated to everyone that may touch the result in the future... Owners, Project Managers, Superintendents, Tradespeople, Apprentices, Purchasers, and even the Accountants. 



ESP offers client training on estimating strategies, and methods for the estimating organizational structure.  We identify risk areas, time reduce the estimating process and shorten the number of key strokes to get the data into Accubid. Custom reports and build processes remain project specific, and client specific.


The winning strategy

90% of the Canadian market place has chosen Accubid as their preferred software.  This is because Accubid’s “best of class design” meets and exceeds the needs of most electrical contractors.

  • Its a very powerful tool that is likely driven in first gear.

  • Owning the key to a Porsche doesn't make you a good driver. Our team will support and reduce your pit stop time while guiding you through the corners. The straight stretches are yours to drive.  

  • Every gear you use should thrill you, your team and ours 

ESP is here to help you win

ESP’s estimating cloud platform & database 

Accubid comes with some 10,000 assemblies.  The largest known Accubid database is 50,000 assemblies.  ESP’s platform comes with over 1.7 million assemblies and is still growing.  Its purpose was to create efficiency for the estimator and clarity the team. Picking from a list produced more accurate estimates created in less time thus reducing risk for owners. 

The ESP database provides dashboard approaches that are easy to navigate, with pre-designed extensions and workflows.  This results in better accuracy, reduced risk and minimizes human error through the estimating processes.

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