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Mission Statement

To provide electrical contractors with a competitive advantage by helping them deliver estimates that are more accurate, efficient and are linked to project delivery from the office to the field

ESP's Team - Bridging the gap

ESP's goal is to provide our clients a bridge to achieving growth and profit 

ESP’s dedicated team are committed to providing a precise standard throughout the entire bidding and project delivery process.  ESP’s clients are electrical contractors, engineering firms, building owners, and financial & government agencies.  ESP’s goal is to assist in our clients success through specific innovative strategies and processes developed on ESP's Cloud Platform with the Trimble's Accubid product suite. 


90% of the Canadian marketplace uses Trimble’s Accubid products.  ESP developed our solution to support the market leader.

ESP is not a re-seller of Trimble's products.

The Commitment & Investment by ESP 

ESP’s custom database was built with the investment of time, experience, and knowledge using Accubid’s product suite.   ESP has invested a development effort to customize Accubid’s original 10,000 assemblies database by creating an efficient scalable custom Accubid/ESP database used on ESP's Estimating Cloud Platform. 


Built to Canadian Code, ESP’s Cloud Platform & Database comes with over 1.77 million assemblies.  This creates the advantage of increased power and speed because you are simply picking from a list and not having to spend time to build temporary or missing assemblies.  ESP has experienced completing estimating bids twice as fast using ESP’s custom database combined with Accubid’s LiveCount takeoff software.


Ice Climb 20.JPG
Mark Filipovic - Principal
Chief Electrical Estimator GSC

I may have estimated a billion dollars of work in my 25-year career working for a company owned by Phil George, but ESP's clients estimate over a billion every 12 months.

I participated in a lot of changes and a lot of growth in those 25 years. I remember when Bill Crarer, president at that time, flew in from Calgary to help close our very first million-dollar project. Years later Brad Armstrong would take Phil George's company public. I became the second Canadian to gain Gold Seal Certification in the field as Estimator Electrical Contracting. In time we would close an $85 million dollar project under the guidance of my manager, Knud Mortenson, and a handful of other experts in the field. None of this would have been possible without years of work spent building a team that shared knowledge.

I have read the Canadian Code Book many times, taken a lot of courses, dealt with a few dozen suppliers, answered to the financials, assisted Project Managers, Site Superintendent's, mentored multiple estimators, and been led by many more. Everyone's role is important to them. The estimate is what integrates them.

As the senior architect and designer of ESP’s database, the ESP Cloud Platform bring clarity to everyone that participates in their part of a projects cycle. Through my past years of knowledge and experience, working with Accubid software, creating systems and best practices, ESP's Cloud Platform has helped many companies, big and small that measure progress.

The ESP Cloud Platform is used Canada wide, remotely, strategically building the frameworks for default projects, estimates, changes to contracts, assisting with closing strategies for projects of any size from a single source database linked to your supplier pricing. 

The ESP Cloud Platform helps companies reduce risk, grow, and develop. Estimators are producing twice the work with greater accuracy in half the time of a traditional Accubid Estimate.


What the ESP Estimating Platform is doing for many companies, no one company can do for itself.

I have the companies and the people that use ESP's Cloud Platform to acknowledge and thank for this achievement. We have come a long way together. When its clear, it is clear for everyone.

I look forward to the future.

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